GigaONE Offers Next Gen Speeds


More than ever before, families are connecting multiple devices in their home to stream music and videos, download and play online games, check email and social media, and more. As a result, the need and demand for faster speed is growing rapidly.

To meet this need, we’re bringing the communities we serve speed that is 40 times faster than the average speed currently offered across the United States, with GigaONE, our Gigabit service.

GigaONE Gigabit speed enables customers to:

  • Download an HD movie in 60 seconds or less
  • Download 100 songs in four seconds
  • Download a game in 29 seconds


Cable ONE is the first provider in the majority of our markets to offer Gigabit speeds to residential customers, and unlike many of our competitors, Gigabit service is available to all of our customers – not just a select few in certain areas. We’ve been committed for decades to serving smaller cities and towns, and we are delighted to provide you with the latest technology to make YOUR city a Gig city.

GigaONE is now available in more than 75 percent of the markets Cable ONE serves and will be available across 100 percent of our footprint by the end of the year.

Visit to find out when GigaONE will be available in your city.