Is a Smart Thermostat Right for You?

Find out if a smart thermostat is right for you.

Are heating and cooling bills frosting your wallet and robbing your peace of mind? There’s no place like home when your smart thermostat adjusts the temperature for comfort as you arrive, and provides savings while you’re away.

Check out a few of the most popular devices below to see which programmable thermostat is right for you!

The Nest

This device is the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat. The smart temperature gauge works with many smart home hub/virtual assistants, including the Amazon Echo and Google Home, so you can interact with the device using voice-activated technology. The Nest Learning Thermostat responds to a motion sensor to adjust the temperature and learns your desired comfort levels per day and time as you use it. The Nest is the most precise device of its kind and offers easy installation, intuitive controls, and an attractive appearance.

The less expensive Nest Learning Thermostat E model lets you use factory presets or adopts your preferences over time. The device can tell when you’re home and respond accordingly. Control the Nest Thermostat E using apps or your smart speaker.

Overall, Nest thermostats work best within the Nest family of smart home products. Despite its top shelf performance and appearance, it comes with a rather slight warranty (only two years of protection).

The Ecobee

The Ecobee4 Wi-Fi-connected smart thermostat brings Ecobee3 features, including compatibility with the majority of modern smart home devices. New with Ecobee4 is the ability to command and interact with the device directly using the voice-controlled Amazon Alexa virtual assistant via built-in speaker and microphone. The smart thermostat integrates with each Alexa-enabled device you own.

The Ecobee4 works with optional smart sensors (available 2 per pack at an additional cost). Smart sensor motion detectors let the thermostat adjust the temperature for a separate room as you walk in.

Ecobee4 compatible apps for your Apple or Android device offer limited functionality when it comes to scheduling your preferred temperature for a given time.


Honeywell offers many models of programmable Wi-Fi smart thermostats. Some enable time and temperature programming for each day of the week. Honeywell smart thermostats let you control temperature and settings remotely over the internet. Newer models work with Amazon Alexa.

The popular Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart RTH9580WF comes with an intuitive, user-friendly touch screen for easy setup. This model takes advantage of a humidity sensor and fan controls. The Honeywell lets you gauge humidity as well as current temperatures inside and outside your home. You can control heating system fans to regulate air circulation. This particular model does not offer motion detection to dial in your favorite room temperature when you enter.

Your home relaxation station

The ideal smart thermostat for your home and personal preferences will not only help you save energy and money, but provide you with the convenience to control the temperature in your home remotely from your phone or tablet, or with your voice via a home assistant!