Sparklight® Works to Close Digital Divide for Texas Students Through Chromebook Donation

Piner Chromebooks Dropoff

As K-12 schools end another challenging year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sparklight is working to close the digital divide for students at Piner Middle School in Sherman, Texas with the donation of Chromebooks through the company’s Chromebooks for Kids initiative.

Sparklight Senior Vice President of Technology Services Ken Johnson said that both educators and students need access to the tools and technology that will set them up for future success.

“Now more than ever, student access to computers is a necessity,” Johnson said. “By donating Chromebooks, we’re giving students in need the opportunity to use technology that will ultimately prepare them for a progressively digital workforce.”

Sherman ISD Director of Communications Kimberly Simpson said that Sparklight’s Chromebook donation will not only add to the number of devices available to students for learning but help Piner Middle School teachers continue their innovative lessons with digital devices. More students will now have access to interactive tools such as Google Apps for Education that promote collaboration, critical thinking skills, and technology use. 

Our district ensures that students will have the experience of using digital devices effectively by exposing them to it early on in their school careers,” Simpson said. “We promote positive digital citizenship in all grade levels so students can continue through high school and college utilizing technology effectively. This Chromebook donation is bringing us closer to our goal of Piner being a 1:1 campus in the future, and for that, we are grateful for the generous donation from Sparklight.”  

Over the past eight years, Sparklight has donated more than 2,000 Chromebooks to Title I schools in the markets it serves.

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