Sparklight® Business Bringing 2 Gig Business Internet to Select Towns in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama

Businessman works in office with a laptop with internet effects. Concept of internet sharing and company startup

Small and medium-sized businesses in Monroe, Louisiana; McKinney, Melissa and Anna, Texas; and Gadsen, Alabama soon will enjoy up to 2 gigabits per second of symmetrical internet speed with the launch of Sparklight Business’ new service, Piranha Fiber® – Ferociously Fast Internet.

“Piranha Fiber is the first 2 gigabit fiber optic internet service available to small and medium-sized businesses in Monroe, McKinney, Melissa, Anna and Gadsen,” said Chris Boone, Vice President of Business Services for Sparklight. “While most national fiber providers offer 1 gigabit service, we’re the first to offer 2 gigabits. This puts these towns on the map as among the first 2 gigabit cities in the country.”

“Sparklight has invested nearly $75 million in our Louisiana, Texas and Alabama markets over the past five years on network upgrades and enhancements in order to bring the latest technology and fastest speeds to our customers,” Boone said. “As part of our ongoing investment and with the launch of this new service, we’re extending our plant to previously unserviceable areas.”

The new internet and phone services are delivered over a Passive Optical Network (PON), which combines the most favorable attributes from coax and fiber. Benefits include service delivered over an extremely fast, reliable fiber-based architecture at a price that’s affordable for most small businesses.

Several Piranha Fiber internet plans will be available, allowing businesses to choose the level of service that’s right for them, beginning at 50 megabits per second and easily scaling to 2 gigabits per second. And, because it’s fiber, all speeds will be “symmetrical,” meaning upload speeds will be just as fast as download speeds.

“Piranha Fiber is the most reliable business internet service available today,” Boone said. “Customers can expect maximum uptime with minimal delays for a truly unique online experience.”

For today’s businesses, a fast, reliable internet connection has moved from being a convenience to a critical component of success. Businesses rely on their internet connection to run integral processes and programs, including e-mail, e-commerce, cloud-based applications, video conferencing and more.

“Fast, reliable internet access is a productivity-enhancing factor,” Boone said. “It allows businesses to increase collaboration, send and share larger files more quickly, and take advantage of more cloud-based applications in order to achieve operational efficiencies, greater productivity and growth.”

Additional Services for Large Businesses

Businesses that require even more speed and bandwidth also will soon have access to Sparklight Business’ Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Ethernet Private Line (EPL) services, which offer connectivity up to 100 Gbps.  

Businesses can visit for more details about all Sparklight Business’ services.