Sparklight Invests $600+ Million to Support Next Generation Technology

Happy black parents and children using digital tablet on sofa

Sparklight is connecting customers to what matters most with investments of more than $600 million over the past three years in the cities and towns it serves in order to bring the fastest and most reliable internet to rural communities across the U.S.

“Connectivity is the core of everything our customers and communities need to be successful today and in the future,” said Julie Laulis, President & CEO. “A fast and reliable internet connection means rural residents can telecommute rather than having to move to find work. It means access to medical care via telehealth services; the ability to achieve a higher education online; and the cultivation of entrepreneurship and economic growth. These are the things that matter most to our customers and the reason why we’re investing so heavily in the communities we serve.”

Sparklight launched Gigabit service across its fiber-rich network in 2016, making more than 200 communities in 21 states Gig cities. In 2019, Sparklight joined the NCTA –The Internet & Television AssociationCableLabs and other industry partners in announcing plans to expand beyond current Gigabit offerings to a more powerful 10G (10 Gigabit) technology platform. 10G will combine greater capacity and lower latency with symmetrical 10 gigabit per second speeds, as well as provide greater reliability and increased security. 

“We continue to make significant investment in deploying fiber deeper and closer to our customers to not only enhance reliability, speed and performance for our customers, but lay the groundwork for up to 10 Gbps speeds in the future,” Laulis said. “The digital needs of our residential and business customers are advancing rapidly, and we are actively working to stay ahead of those needs by creating a fast and reliable network that will support next generation technology.”