Sparklight’s $3 Million Investment in Wharton County, Texas Keeps Customers Connected

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Sparklight has invested more than $3 million across Wharton County over the past three years to provide the fastest and most reliable internet service, keeping Wharton’s residents and businesses connected to what matters most.

“The importance of seamless connectivity has never been more critical,” said Martin Schooley, Sparklight General Manager.  “We remain committed to ensuring our customers and communities have access to the fastest and most reliable internet service so they can continue working, learning and connecting to family and friends during these difficult times.”

Sparklight’s investments in Wharton County include new hardware and software such as fiber and power supply upgrades, electronics and transport gear, and the installation of a new cable modem termination system and Optical Transport Network, all of which enable faster speeds and greater reliability and uptime.

Along with its infrastructure and technology investments in Wharton County, Sparklight has given more than $20,000 in sponsorships and in-kind donations to local communities. These included Chromebook donations to the El Campo Independent School District, and multiple sponsorships that supported local Chambers of Commerce, the annual El Campo Prairie Days, the Boys & Girls Club, as well as other youth and community activities.

“Our infrastructure investment in Wharton County not only enhances internet reliability, speed and performance, but lays the groundwork for faster speeds in the future,” Schooley said. “The digital needs of our residential and business customers continue to advance, and we are working hard to meet those needs by creating a fast and reliable network that will support next generation technologies.”

Sparklight offers customers a range of plans and internet speeds designed to meet a variety of needs, including Gig speed. Gig speed was launched in Wharton County in 2019, providing download speed up to one Gigabit per second, which is 40 times faster than the nation’s average speed.

In 2019, Sparklight joined the NCTA –The Internet & Television AssociationCableLabs and other industry partners in announcing plans to expand beyond current Gigabit offerings to a more powerful 10G (10 Gigabit) technology platform. 10G will combine greater capacity and lower latency with symmetrical 10 Gigabit per second speeds, as well as provide greater reliability and increased security.